Can you produce small one-off illustrations or do you only take on big projects?

I work with large and small businesses and am happy to quote on any sized project.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. I require 30% deposit before commencement. Once the project is completed and approved by you I will send you a final invoice. The final illustrations will be watermarked, but once payment is received I will release the final files. If you become an ongoing regular client, a deposit won’t be required for every project.

How many changes can I request to the artwork?

When I quote on a project I stipulate how many changes are included in the quote. It is usually three sets of reasonable changes. I do understand though that sometimes projects can take a different direction and I am happy to revisit the original quote if this occurs.

Will I get an idea of what it will look like before you do the bulk of the work?

Yes. Depending on the size of the project I will provide you with either a small snapshot of the illustration and confirm you are happy before proceeding or show you an existing illustration that will be a similar style. I always ensure you are happy with the direction of the illustration before proceeding to protect my time and your money.

Do you use specialists?

Sometimes I need to bring in reinforcements who are specialists in certain illustration styles and techniques. However this is often only a part of the illustration project. Clients will always only work with me directly.

Can I buy your illustrations?

Yes, I produce Illustrations for the Adobe Stock Library, CLICK HERE to view my work for download.

Can you work with clients out of state or outside of Australia?

Absolutely. I work very efficiently with clients across Australia and internationally and have never found location to be a barrier. I do like to speak over the phone though and find this helps us to understand exactly what the client needs. If the project requires a face-to-face or site visit, this can be negotiated. However please note, I am English speaking only.

What forms of payment can you receive?

I can accept payments via direct bank deposit or paypal. Details will be on the quote and invoice.

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