The importance of good diagrams in complex publications… and how to achieve them.

07 March, 19

In this short article I will outline why it’s important to have clear, consistent diagrams in your publication and how I go about producing these, as well as some points on graphic design.

SWA Illustrated Documents

Good Diagrams Make Complex Topics Easier to Understand

They say a picture tells a thousand words… but in the case of an official Government document you may need to do both, or rather half the amount of words and more pictures. Your readers most likely find it easier to understand complex topics in images or diagrams with copy to re-enforce the message.

diagram comparison

Increased Engagement/Cut Through

Your reader may be a tradesperson who is obliged to understand the content in your publication. Illustrations or diagrams will engage them for longer and portray the content as effectively as possible.


Research the Subject Matter and your Audience

My main objective is to understand the topic (content to be illustrated) from the authors point of view and illustrate the diagram for the intended reader (demographic). I work as a kind of visual interpreter.


Application of Specific Illustration Style

Through my experience in different drawing methods and my research on the topic, I will decide on the most effective way to illustrate the diagram. It may be vector isometric, orthographic or possibly 3D illustration.

illustration styles


Clear Company Branded Graphic Design

When putting the document together it’s important to consider the layout, design and corporate branding. The document must have easy to read headings with lots of space between body copy and sections.


Publication is Easily Editable by You

To avoid extra costs with your graphic designer you should have the document template setup for you in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint. This will allow you to keep control of your publication and make changes yourself. If you don’t have a competent graphic designer, I can manage the entire process for you. I am an experienced graphic designer, brand specialist and technical illustrator.


Contact me to discuss your requirements

I can produce the entire publication for you, or just illustrate the diagrams. It’s up to you.

Send me an email via or phone me: 0424 371 291.
Or, if you have a quick question, click on my webchat icon bottom right of the page for an instant chat.


Safe Work Australia – Model Codes of Practice

I was engaged by Safe Work Australia to illustrate all the diagrams in their 2018/19 updated Model Codes of Practice. 22 Documents in total with over 200 illustrations. I created an initial illustration style guide to tie in with Safe Work Australia’s brand. Producing the diagrams over a period of 12 months, adhering closely to the style guide. This style suits Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) documentation and other technically specific documentation.
Follow this link to view all the Safe Work Australia Model Codes of Practice Documents.


Western Power – Potential Hazards with Electrical Work

Energy safety diagrams for use in their safety publications. Each illustration is specific to a different potential hazardous situation. Supplied as high resolution Jpegs. View in more detail HERE.


CHEP – Forklift Safety Manual Images

A series of custom illustrations providing simplified top view diagrams for CHEP’s forklift safety manual. Supplied as transparent background .png files for insertion into their training manuals. View in more detail HERE.



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