What is an Isometric Illustration?

02 May, 18

Getting Technical about Isometric Illustration

Here’s just a short intro to Isometric Illustration.
I’ve created a lot of this style of illustration, predominantly in Adobe Illustrator, but more recently using isometric projection in 3D programs which give a similar result.

isometric illustration example

What does isometric actually mean?
…in an illustration context

Isometric projection is a visual representation of a 3D object in 2D. Isometric comes from the Greek word for ‘equal measure’, and the parts that make up an isometric object, will all align to the same scale of projection – so basically everything lines up perfectly, great for those OCD designers out there.

Create isometric cube instructions

Above is an isometric formula that I use within Adobe Illustrator to create the basic shapes
– the building blocks of isometric illustration!

The Advantages of Isometric Projection as a form of Illustration

There’s no vanishing point So no distance, great for showing a scene with lots of detail.

All elements are inter-changeable Great for re-using houses, ships, people etc to populate a scene as they are all on the same plane and there’s no distance or vanishing point. A little trick – flip elements horizontally to re-use an object.

Have a look through my recent work HERE to see if you can spot which ones are drawn in Isometric.

Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions regarding isometric illustration send me an email – CLICK HERE

isometric infographic illustration example


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