Hand drawn style isometric flowchart

This is a hand drawn style flowchart explaining the unique RIPER process. Using apples as an example, it shows the journey from growing through to the purchase by the end user at the greengrocer.
I have used a hand drawn style using my Wacom Tablet, yet it is still a vector illustration, meaning it can be scaled indefinitely.

To produce this illustration I used my standard 3 step process:
1. Produce a basic wireframe for layout approval;
2. Produce a pencil drawing for approval;
3. Create final full colour illustration for final approval.

The 4th step in this project involved preparing the final Adobe Illustrator file for animation, which meant getting all layers in the file ready for importing into Adobe After Effects.
The final animation can be viewed HERE on RIPER’s Youtube Channel.
Or you can view it HERE on my Animation page

  • Client: RIPER - Securing the Future of Food
  • Illustration Style: Isometric Vector Illustration Flowchart
  • TIME: Contact me for a quote

“Ive worked with Doug for many years, his attention to detail and his ability to understand and convert complex business concepts into amazing and unique illustrated flow charts which sets him well above any other illustrator ive worked with, I would highly recommend Doug for any future projects.”

Dave Paull
CMO – Riper



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